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  • February 12 - Douglas C. Berry
  • February 12 - Douglas C. Berry
  • February 12 - Douglas C. Berry
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Missouri Spring

 The past few days have seen the return of our robins and each morning instead of silence we are greeted with their singing.  The grass is starting to green up and grow.  Dutch white clover seed is sprouting... It is early spring in north central Missouri.  Area farmers are busy preparing for spring planting.  Here at Gem Metro we are also gearing up for the season ahead.  Now is the time to get your garden landscaping cleaned up:  hauling off brush, trimming roses, removing leaf piles, picking up any windblown trash, laying out vegetable gardens,... so much to do!  This season keep in mind that if you mow your grass turf at a higher cut this will allow the grass to better compete with weeds such as crab grass.  Spraying for crab grass is a waste of time and expense; instead keep your lawn grass taller during the hotter periods of the season.  Getting rid of weeds is all about turf managemant.  Take care of the turf grass and it will be thick and vigorous.  Many "weeds" actually are only trying to cover the bare soil from the effects of wind, compaction, and erosion.  Most weeds are annual pioneer plants that are covering bare ground.  To beat the weeds battle them with cultural practices and good soil management; treat the cause not the symptoms.  A thick stand of crab grass or prostrate knotweed in your lawn is evidence of poor cultural practices and soil compaction that will never be solved with the use of herbicides.  Think smart this season and beat the weeds.